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I like to cook and enjoy trying new recipes. Lindyrecipe is here to inspire your cooking with a library of excellent recipes from great chefs (Ramsay, Ottolenghi, Pepin, Kenji, Nosrat and others).
It is fast and lightweight: a commentary with a link to the original source along with my photo.

Updates depend on my time; you can also get updates via Twitter or on Lindyrecipe Facebook page. To support my work you can buy me a coffee.

Remember, cooking is one of the best things you can do for yourself and people you love.

Enjoy browsing in dober tek! 👌

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Why lindy?

It is somehow random, but I like the concept of lindy effect, which states that the longer something exists, the longer it will survive; and excellent recipes will pass on to the future generations, unless they stop eating solid food 🤷🏻‍♂️


2022-03-21: lindyrecipe gets a new tagline (library of excellent recipes) and a professional logo
2021-12-11: 100th recipe published, 8th supporter pays for coffee
2021-10-25: 1025 visitors since published
2021-08-29: first 59 recipes published
2021-08-13: implementation started