No sauce courgette, basil and almond pasta

The recipe could be more specific, because small/medium courgettes and almonds in tablespoons are a bit so-so. This is a no-sauce pasta and it still tastes wonderful, I especially like the added lemon. I think 175g of pasta in the original can never serve 2 people, unless they meant kids. Or maybe as a small starter? I strongly recommend not to “cook pasta in plenty of boiling water”, but just so it’s well covered.

My adaptations below will feed 2 as a primo.

As you can see I had no orecchiette and just went with good ol’ penne. Other pasta on lindy here.

Notes to the recipe

- 230g pasta
- 350g courgettes, cut into cubes
- 50g almonds, blanch for 40 sec in boiling water
- handful of basil, shredded 
- 3 tsp lemon juice
- fine amount of parmesan
- reserved pasta water, maybe 1-2dcl
- drizzle with olive oil after serving
Link to the recipe
BBC Good Food, Mary Cadogan