How to make chicken breast tastier?

I mean we all know it. The dry chicken breast. The boooring grilled chicken breast. You chew, chew and chew and regret you are eating this dry piece of meat, which is anyhow probably raised … ah, don’t even get me started.

So after you buy that pasture raised chicken, make sure to prepare breast properly!

And it is simple: salt and temperature. My summary is below, but for the whole thing have a look at the video. It is a bit on the long side, but thanks anyway, Ethan!

Method with dry salting

- weigh yo meat and prepare salt (1.25% of weight for me)
- flatten the chicken breast with something heavy (wrapped in parchment paper or in a plastic bag) 
- when you are almost sure its fine, slap it even a bit thinner (grilling will contract/shrink it)
- salt on both sides

wait for a day or at least a couple of hours (fridge!)

- squeeze a bit of mayo on, throw over spices of your liking, spread out; repeat on the other side
(you can also mix your mayo and spices in a bowl, but why make more stuff dirty?)
- grill on medium-high heat for 3-4 min per side (so that it reaches 68-70°C on the thickest part)

no thermometer? never ever pinky chicken, ok? (but buy that thermometer)
no griddled pan? you will live

- set aside and verify your °C measurement (I was at around 72°C and it was still juicy)
- congratulate yourself and rest the meat for 5 min
- serve
inspired by Ethan Chlebowski