Absolutely great Jerk chicken

This marinade by Ramsay is great even if it makes your chicken look like you marinated it in dirt mixed with water. Grind the ingredients in a small blender and then marinate for at least four hours. More won’t really make a difference. Also, score your chicken, and do not waste it on chicken breasts.

I tried another marinade, but did not do a side to side comparison. I think you can also be rather aggressive on the chilli; it depends what kind of chilli you have.

I am yet to meet someone who did not like it. But forget making nice Instagram photos of it. Other chicken recipes on lindy.


- season the chicken separately, or add enough salt into the marinade
- add enough oil, so the marinade is not too thick
Link to the recipe
Gordon Ramsay, Ultimate Cookery Course, p. 128