Try this simple salmon burger by Jacques Pépin

This is a delicious take on salmon burger, especially if you have a big salmon fillet and want to use up thinner parts.

You see two different versions below, left with mushrooms (+ homemade buns), right without. There is no recipe in the video, so I prepared two variations for you. Both are fantastic.

Serve in buns or on top of rocket/lettuce. Originally served with Tibetan bread and a simple rucola salad.

Variation 1 - Ingredients as per Pépin:

- 300-330g of salmon fillet, cut in cubes
- 2 pieces of bread (70g), cubed
- 2 large mushrooms, diced
- 2 spring onions, chopped
- salt (1-1.5% of whole mass) and pepper
- oil for cooking
Variation 2 - Inspired by Pépin:

- 350g salmon fillet, cubed
- 90g mushrooms, diced
- 40g spring onions, chopped
- 45g of bread (no crust)
- zest of 1 lemon
- 1 tsp chilli flakes
- salt as above and pepper 

1. Put all the ingredients in a food processor.
2. Pulse (!), do not let it run. If you just let it run your burgers will turn mushy. 
3. Pulse a couple of times, so it gets mixed well (check the video as well).
4. Form four burgers.
5. Mid-high heat in your pan. Oil in. Roughly 3-4 min on first side.
6. Turn, and cook for 2 more min*.
7. Serve.

(*in the video he turns it and then turns the heat off after 10 sec, I went for 49-50 °C)
Jacques Pépin