How to pan-fry salmon? Slowly.

I was frying the salmon “wrong” for years, thinking it is all about heat and speed. She still said: “The best salmon ever.” Actually she liked it both ways, so I do not really know? Frying it slowly will make it really soft, because the fat will render. Mjam. Buy more salmon, and you can cut the thinnest parts away and use it for burgers or pasta.

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Before you start

If you have more than 45 min: season with salt and put in the fridge uncovered for at least an hour.
If you have less than 45 min, 1) pat dry with paper towels and 2) season with salt.

Salmon dry and seasoned? Ok, go on.


1. Preheat pan (medium-high)
2. Oil in. 
3. Oil shimmers? (reduce to medium-low)
4. Salmon in, skin down, push it down for a couple of seconds.
5. Slowly cook between 6-10 min, depending how thick it is (watch the heat, reduce if necessary).
6. Thermometer* reached 49 °C at the thickest point? 
7. Turn around for 15 seconds.
8. Done, rest for a couple of minutes.

For more theory, read here. Video of the process below.
*If you do not have a thermometer then you will need to trust your senses. You could cut it and taste.

Pan-fry salmon
Not the best photos, but trust me: it was great! Thin part cut away.
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