A more authentic Pad Thai? Totally.

I tried my first Pad Thai from Adam Ragusea and published it a while ago but felt there is room for improvement. So I tried this variation and this one is much nicer. There are a couple of differences, the most relevant probably the sauce. The recipe page is a typical food blog mess, but it is totally worth a try.

Ingredients might be hard to get if you do not have access to an Asian store. I used regular brown sugar and did not buy daikon radish. If you do not have garlic chives, take spring onions or green parts of the leek, finely sliced.

Much much better than the version from Adam Ragusea. I cannot wait to try it in Thailand.

Link to the recipe + watch the video below
I ran out of the chives while cooking the last portion for the photo 😅
 Hot Thai Kitchen, Pailin Chongchitnant