Basic ragù bolognese (3h+ cooking time)

I was surprised when I realised you need to cook this for three hours or more; this meant no lasagna that day! My sister said “why would you do that?” and it’s probably to get rid of all the water; it makes a difference at the end.

It freezes excellently and this gelatine (especially if you use store bought stock)… this is something! I did not really taste the fish sauce, but this could be my beginner’s palate. Taking the time is worth it and you will love it, promised. If you like your ragù watery, skip.

Lesson: just read the recipe until the end immediately, ffs.

Use in this classic baked lasagna or do a simple pasta with adding sauce and pasta water to make it juicier; also don’t forget the parmesan.

Link to the recipe
Serious Eats, Daniel Gritzer