Lemon in a risotto with aubergine/courgette?

Yes, and it tastes wonderful! First time I read this recipe I figured: really? But it works and this was exactly what she promised. I have several times replaced aubergine with courgettes (did not roast, just added them in the risotto fried at the end) and it works beautifully too!

Roasted aubergine is for the days when you really have a lot of time or if you really are a fan. Check other risottos here.

Notes to the recipe

- 200g of rice will never feed 4 people, unless it's a primo/starter
- if you go for courgettes, skip roasting and just fry one until golden, and mix in at the end
- if you mix the whole zest (instead of half) in risotto at the end, maybe add a little less lemon juice
Link to the recipe
Yotam Ottolenghi