Thai curry with chicken or chickpeas

Originally this recipe is with chicken, but I had a lot of chickpeas, so here you see how magnificent it looks like with chickpeas too. I was not in Thailand, so I cannot judge how authentic this is, but BBC claims it is. Based on likes it’s probably at least as authentic as Thai food is authentic in England.

I cannot get lime leaves, so that has been missing. Who knows what else I am missing in life?
There are also no limes in the photo.

It also freezes nicely.

Notes to the recipe

- careful with red curry paste if you do not like your food too spicy
- probably would work with adding more veggies (like red bell pepper and steamed crunchy broccoli)
- cut the lemongrass in half and peel one layer and then thinly slice, avoiding woody part at the end
- buy 2 cans of coconut milk and make this Thai pumpkin soup if you have an extra lemongrass left
Link to the recipe
BBC Good Food