Tasty canned tuna!? No way! Yes way

I mean, you do not really taste it. Still perfect use of that canned tuna you bought ages ago for your pantry. You can prepare the sauce upfront, and can easily replace maple syrup with honey. I really like the spicy kick and the acid of lemon/lime!

As you can also see I had no limes and my rice looks almost as bulgur, but trust me: it ain’t no bulgur there. Cook the rice and prepare the mixture a day ahead; you will congratulate yourself next day, because rice will be cooled down and firm and your lunch will be done in 10 min.

Notes to the recipe

- 150g of dried rice will feed a couple lightly, if you take more do not forget more sauce ☝️
- top with feta or/and spring onions
- if you plan to use basmati/yasmin instead of brown/natural rice better to cool it down properly as with any fried rice 
- any green herbs will probably do
Link to the recipe
Spicy tuna and herb fried rice
Yotam Ottolenghi on Guardian