Halloumi fingers for tortilla wraps

This is a great way to add a spin on halloumi. If you wrap them in warmed tortillas along with shredded cabbage, a sauce or two and spring onions you gonna go “so fast and so good, don’t you think?” and she will reply “yes, it is great and I am happy I have always a halloumi in the fridge as a backup for situations like this.”

Halloumi does not melt, so it is easy to fry. You can use these fingers to replace chicken in these Shawarma wraps.


- 500g halloumi
- 1 beaten egg, flour
- breadcrumbs mixture (breadcrumbs + whatever you like: sesame seeds, chilli flakes, thyme, rosemary and similar) 

1. cut halloumi into thick fingers, 4 or 8
2. dip into flour, egg and finally breadcrumbs
3. shallow fry on all sides until golden brown
4. put on a paper towel to get rid of excess oil
5. serve 
Halloumi fingers
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