Leek and potato soup for a winter/autumn day

Just look at this soup. Doesn’t it warm your soul? It surely did warm mine. This was the first time I put the soup through the sieve after it was cooked. And I really had a lot of residue (partially because of my hand-held blender). Those things on top of the soup are actually a mix of cheese, an egg, breadcrumbs and what was left in the sieve. But that was only an experiment.

Extremely nice, and of course you do not need to bother with the sieve. Not your type of a soup? Check other soups here.

Another thing is a cartouche which BBC calls for … I always did it, but then felt I need to cook it a bit longer. I do not know, I am missing the expertise on the types of potatoes really. So much left to learn.

Link to the recipe
BBC Good Food