Wonderful buttermilk Panna cotta

This recipe is just so good I adapted it, so that you can prepare it as well. I do not serve it in a classical way on a plate because I do not have the right ramekins.

A friend from India did not believe I made these myself. I really did, Karthik!

You will need at least 4h in the fridge before serving. You can do buttermilk yourself by adding 1tbsp lemon/vinegar to per 250ml whole milk. If it is a date night prepare pasta with pecorino and pistachios before.

I’ve had instances when I added too much (tasted it too much) or too little gelatine (only partially set). Measure it well so you know next time. Samin Nosrat also has a recipe with ground cardamom instead of vanilla beans. Equally great. You can also add lemon zest instead of vanilla beans.

Ingredients (adapted):

- 200-250ml double cream / or something above 35% of fat (I also used creme Crème fraîche)
- 40g of sugar
- a pinch of salt
- 1.5 tsp of powdered gelatine
- half a vanilla bean or vanilla sugar (reduce the sugar in this case)
- 400ml buttermilk


1. sprinkle gelatine powder on top of 1-2tbsp of cold water for 5 min

2. cream, sugar and salt in a small saucepan
3. if using, cut vanilla bean lengthwise and scrap the seeds in the mixture, thinly slice the bean and add that as well
4. heat slowly and gently, do not let it simmer, just so it steams a bit, 4-5 min

5. add gelatine mixture, reduce heat to very low
6. stir until the gelatine dissolves

7. remove from heat, add buttermilk, stir
8. pour into your serving bowls or oiled up (neutral oil) ramekins through a sieve!

9. put in the fridge overnight or for at least 4h
10. serve with toppings (whatever you please, jam, caramel, compote) or without
Sadly no link
before adding toppings – also delicious

inspired by Samin Nosrat, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking, p. 418