Pasta with salmon, frozen peas and wine-based sauce

Easy, quick and refreshing pasta with a nice sauce and ’empty the fridge’ quality.

This recipe made it to lindy because of Rachel’s excellent Substack post about writing recipes. After some research I also found out she is a successful contributor to BBC Good Food! I decided to test one of her recipes, and … it is good stuff.

I followed the recipe almost word-by-word, but struggled with quantities so I measured it out for you. It is actually a similar recipe to this quick prawn pasta. As always with prawns or salmon lemon juice and zest do their magic. Ziiiiing.

Suggestions for 2 people

- 100g of frozen peas
- 120ml of crème fraîche
- season your salmon at least 40min before cooking if you get the time (1-1.5% of weight)
- if you want it more saucy add more pasta water when finishing off the sauce and pasta together

use a pan instead of the oven for more taste
- if you do not want to fire up your oven, you can fry your salmon in the pan (slowly or just speed it up if you are in a hurry) until it reaches around 50°C (122F)
- after the salmon is done, remove to rest  
- now add shallots/onion directly in the same pan
- wine will deglaze the pan and voilà... even more taste

(the rest as in the recipe)
Link to the recipe
Rachel Phipps