How to slowly cook a steak?

This is a summary of Kenji’s video where he is slowly cooking a really thick steak (4cm+) in the pan. I tried it several times and it is fantastic. The key is seasoning a day (or min 45 min before) and making sure you cook dry steaks only. Also check how to slowly fry salmon.

Here are some pointers:

☝️Cooking steaks slowly on mild heat only works with thicker steaks. If you do a thinner one you will need more heat. The rest is the same.
👨🏻‍🍳It is easier to cook one big steak than many smaller ones, because it gives you a lot of room for error. Thermometer is almost a must. After I got mine I realised I was eating super rare steaks before!
👉🏻 Poking your hand, cheek, forehead will not work, unless you work in a restaurant and know your meat. (starts at 12:40)
🔬Taste testing shows people actually prefer a level above what they think, eg. medium instead of rare. (15:00)
🥩 If your steak is nicely marbled/has higher fat content, cook it longer to higher temperature so that the fat renders more. Color your steak as dark as possible, but do not burn it black.

- do not salt your steak 10-15min before cooking it, because salt will make it wet
- do not wrap salted meat so you do not trap moisture around it
- do not put your steak on the pan wet (dry it off with a paper towel), it will not develop a sear/crust

Salting also possible JUST OR 45 min before cooking. Tap dry if not dry.
Summary of the video

- salt your steak generously, put on a rack so the air can circulate around
- elevating and salting the steak will extend its life
- the longer you leave your steak salted, the more tender it becomes (6:30), Kenji even says you could leave it in the fridge for a week or so (7:00)

Cooking (8:00 and onward) a THICK (4 cm+) steak:
- thick pan
- mild heat, (olive) oil and butter, wait until it sizzles
- DRY steak in
- flipping your steak is fine, it will cook 30% faster (11:00), Kenji is flipping it each 15-30 sec
- baste with a spoon to speed up the cooking and browning
- control with thermometer (48 °C for rare, 52-56 °C medium-rare) and remember that the temperature will rise after you stop cooking it for a degree or two 
- rest before serving so juices stay in (other opinions at 19:00)

Optional meat flavouring (17:45) with smashed garlic, thyme, rosemary and shallots. Put on top and baste with oil and butter.

Cooking a THINNER steak:
- you will need higher temperature for the crust, the rest the same
More theory in this article by Kenji on Serious Eats
J. Kenji López-Alt or youtube