Chargrilled broccoli and bulgur salad

This is one of those “cannot be so easy and good, can it?” recipes. As you will see in the video it is served as a side to the lamb chops, but I did not like the marinade enough, so they did not make it to the lindyrecipe. You could also serve it next to a nice steak.

Do not be shy in charring/burning the broccoli, it might take a while but it gives great taste. To your question: “Hey, but where is mint on your photo?”, I reply with silence.


- 150g bulgur, cooked according to packet instructions
- 300g broccoli, cut into florets, peel the stem as well
- salt and ground pepper

For the dressing:
- 150ml buttermilk or creme fraiche
- 1-2 tsp harissa paste, to taste
- bunch of mint leaves, shredded
No recipe, but check the video, first 2 min
Gordon Ramsay, Ultimate Home Cooking, p. 241