How to make really good scrambled eggs?

Now, egg lovers, this is a simple trick to never overcook your eggs again. Add a bit of corn starch (Maisstärke) and a spoon of water before whisking. Your Saturday mornings will never be the same again. Ok, let’s not overreact, you can eat them any day. These are actually faster and easier than the ones from Ramsay, so 1-0 for Kenji (also for better explanation why pre-salting eggs is fine).

I once made them for a Finn and he said nothing. Maybe this the way they are in Finland?

Two other great tricks:
– add a bit of water to the pan, so you know when to add your butter (after water boiled away, yep)
– whisk in small pieces of butter for a nicer texture

And remember: overcooked eggs are an offence, have some respect for hens.

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No recipe, just check Kenji's video (below as well)
J. Kenji López-Alt or youtube