Quick 15 min Tibetan flatbread in the pan

Welcome, emergency bread! Excellent for the time it takes. “No resting here,” said Jacques, my inspiration for this post. Put in the pan immediately and done in 15 min. I do it all the time; you can serve it with salmon burgers.

Flatbreads are ancient: and they are great – you will only need flour and some liquid. In this case water.

This recipe is transcribed from the cooking show: I cannot guarantee it is correct, because he gets interrupted at the point of baking powder. And don’t get me started on the cups. But as you can see it turned out fine. Pay attention what he does when he puts the mixture in (spreading the oil a bit and adding water).

Update, 24.11: after publishing this, I tried to make it again and always struggled with the bread coming out too wet. On the first photo I was somehow lucky (also did not cover it while cooking). After quite some testing, here is an updated recipe.

Update, 15.1.22: guess what. If you cover your bread while it cooks, the top side will come out nicer, so I am changing the approach again!

Updated recipe:

- 250g flour
- 240-250ml water
- 1.5 tsp baking powder (cca 6.5g)
- 1-1.5 tsp salt
- olive oil

Updated method:

Bread will burn if you are too aggressive on the heat; also make sure that crust formed before turning. I use 28cm carbon steel pan, mixture should not be spread too thin.

1. Mix everything together. Heat pan up (mid-high heat). Olive oil in, heat it up.
2. Is oil hot? Ok, proceed.
3. Mixture in, spread. Optional: cover and add a few drops of water on the sides to create steam.
4. Medium-high heat, observe, cook between 7-10 min, then turn for 7-10 min.
Transcribed recipe:

- 1.5 cup flour (200g)
- 1 cup water (250ml)
- 1 tsp baking powder
- salt, olive oil

1. Mix everything together. Heat pan up. Olive oil in.
2. Mixture in, spread. Put some water on the sides for steam. Cover.
3. Medium-high heat, observe, cook between 7-10 min, then turn for 5-7 min.
Jacques Pépin