Selection of 13 easy recipes for beginners!

Recently I helped a friend make fragrant rice and it made me realise cooking is hard; especially if you lack practice, confidence and motivation. This is often forgotten by people who cook a lot. When my dad asks how long does something need to cook, mama usually replies, “Until it is done.”

To celebrate 100 published recipes ( 🎉) I prepared a selection of the easiest ones with basic ingredients list.

Remember, a recipe is only a general direction; it is fine if you replace ‘A’ with ‘B ‘or do not use ‘C’.

Some soups for a start?

1. Celery soup with potatoes and milk for winter
2. Courgette, basil and peas for summer
Pasta where you can also use different types of pasta.

3. Spaghetti with chilli, sardines and oregano (dried oregano is fine)
4. Courgette, basil and almond pasta (if you do not have basil, replace it with something else that is green)
5. Spaghetti and avocado sauce where you should reserve pasta water to improve the sauce
Risotto is not boring, is it?

6. Broccoli and mushrooms risotto from Jacques Pépin
7. Smoked salmon and lemon risotto where you can replace mascarpone with butter or parmesan
Pork chops, a salad, a burger and bread (+ intermediate salmon burger)

8. For me it all started with these pork chops; you can make it too
9. Caesar salad will be excellent for a date night (you will need Worcestershire sauce or replace it with soy sauce) 
10. Quick and simple 10 min burger (just buy good quality buns)
11. Tibetan flatbread which fits great to this salmon burger (a bit more work, and you will need a mixer)
(Tex Mex) Bonus?

12. experiment with cheesy fillings with these quesadillas, many things from your fridge could work
13. black beans with feta and avocado (if you do not have limes, you will survive with lemons and without coriander, too)
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13 recipes for beginners